Become a member and you could win a chance for a two-night stay at OESP's convention in Providence, R.I., next May.

The National Association of Oil and Energy Service Professionals (the former National Association of Oilheating Service Managers) is giving away free six-month memberships to industry professionals wishing to join the group. While its name has changed, its mission of education remains the same.  

“Our new name represents our continued commitment to the evolving service side of the energy industry and we invite professionals to take advantage of our educational and networking opportunities,” saysJudy Garber, OESP’s executive director.

When the association was founded in 1954, nearly every full-service oil company had a service manager who handled the day-to-day service. The organization grew out of a need for these managers to connect with one another to share their knowledge.

Today, members continue to focus on the service side, but they do it for oil, gas, propane, all new energies, alarm systems, and more. There are fewer service managers and more sales professionals, supervisors and lead technicians that manage the service departments. OESP membership spans many trades, including plumbers, mechanics, home inspectors, chimney sweeps, oil burner specialists, HVACR professionals and wholesalers. And 35 percent of members are small-business owners.

To sign up for OESP’s free six-month trial membership, visitwww.thinkoesp.organd click on the icon at the top of the homepage. Complete the easy form and don’t forget to indicate who recommended you join the group - both of you could win a two-night stay at OESP’s upcoming 59th annual convention in Providence, R.I., May 20-24, 2012. The theme of the convention is “Energy - It’s a New Frontier ... Get Connected!”  

To learn more about OESP membership or the convention, visit the website or call 888/552-0900.

Source: National Association of Oil and Energy Service Professionals.