Recycled boxes and templates
Purple Primer
Heat the Elbow

Recycled boxes make great templates

When working with a homeowner, designer and/or general contractor, they do not seem to know fixture sizes, measurements, proper spacing and locations. I save my water heater boxes so I can make actual-size fixture templates to lay out on the floor of the new structure or remodel job.

I store them behind the seat of my truck and just take out the templates I need so the customer can see the actual sizes and proper locations for a full bathroom or commercial restroom. It saves a lot of disappointment when the fixtures are finally installed.

Carl Tonucci Jr.
Cordone & Tonucci
Orange, Conn.

Ace the test with purple primer

If you have trouble with rubber test caps blowing off PVC pipe during a test, here is an easy solution. Simply wipe the top and side of the pipe with purple primer and put the rubber cap on and tighten down the clamp. The primer bonds the rubber to the pipe and makes it hold tight during the test. This was discovered by mistake, but it works great and I guarantee the cap will not blow off.

Buddy Rabon Jr.
Buddy Rabon Plumbing
Aynor, S.C.

Heat the elbow to help heal the arm

When coming across a broken plastic shower arm, I have found that if you heat up the 90-degree elbow for a few seconds with your torch, you can easily remove the broken piece. Insert a 1/2-inch cleaning brush inside and turn it counter-clockwise; the debris will come right out and not damage the threads.

Kevin Kelly
The Pipe Doc
Fruita, Colo.