IRWIN Tools has named September 16, 2011 as “National Tradesmen Day” in honor of America’s tradesmen that build our homes, roads, businesses and schools. The company manufacturers a broad line of professional hand tools and power tool accessories.

National Tradesmen Day will focus on “The Hands that Build America” and will include celebrations, recognition events and activities throughout the country.IRWINis coordinating multiple activities throughout the nation and is partnering with retailers and community groups to ensure that the inaugural year’s event sets a strong precedent for the annual celebration.

“We hope that by focusing attention on professional tradesmen on this day, we will recognize the role that they play each and every day,” said Curt Rahilly, vice president of marketing for IRWIN Tools. “All of us should thank the skilled workers who build America and keep our nation running strong. Whether through a national proclamation, or a simple box of doughnuts taken to a jobsite, we can show tradesmen that we appreciate their work.”

A new logo has also been established for this special day. To initiate this annual celebration for America’s tradesmen, IRWIN introduces a new emblem to give ‘National Tradesmen Day’ a distinct graphical icon that spotlights the ‘real’ working hands.

This annual event is planned to be held every third Friday in September.  

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