Give Me More On Universal Design

I read Jim Olsztynski’s editorial (“Get Ready For The ‘Senior Surge,’” July 2010) and wanted to commend him on making the industry aware of this trend.

I began my manufacturers rep company one year ago with aging-in-place, universal design and home modification products as the focus of targeting the wholesale, remodeling, plumbing contractor and assisted living/senior home modification industries.

I look forward to more articles and editorials on this subject, in addition to the recent article on universal design (“For All Walks Of Life,” June 2010).

Bill Sirkin

Bill Sirkin Sales

Roswell, Ga.

No Concerns About 'Younger Generation'

I just read Jim’s editorial (“Golden Nuggets,” May 2010) and what an inspiring editorial it is. He is a word wizard.

I share his perspective of how impressed I am by the applicants. So much talk is made about concerns with our “younger generation.” But, a huge but, I instead see so much talent and ambition (applying for these scholarships and otherwise). It is very uplifting.

Thanks to Jim for sharing what he did in the article. Note: I believe, by our research, the Nexstar Legacy Foundation gives away more scholarship dollars in a single year than any other trade organization, manufacturer or distributor. All in all, it feels good.

Jim, thank-you for everything you do for the foundation.  

Greg A. Niemi


Little Canada, Minn.