The new Schluter KERDI-Drain Adapter Kit eliminates removal of old drains.

The new Schluter KERDI-DRAIN adapter kit solves a common challenge with tiled shower construction in a way that saves significant time for the installer. It is used to adapt, rather than remove, traditional clamping ring drains to bonded waterproofing applications. The kit creates a new drain assembly with an integrated bonding flange securely attached to the traditional clamping ring drain, ready for the bonded waterproofing membrane to be applied. Adapter kits are available for most commercial and residential clamping ring shower drains.

How It Works

The kit includes a stainless-steel adaptor ring with an overmolded rubber gasket, a stainless-steel or ABS adaptor bonding flange, and a grate assembly. The adapter ring replaces the existing clamping ring and provides a watertight seal between the existing drain body and adaptor flange in conjunction with the overmolded rubber gasket.

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