The EPA has announced it will delay enforcement of the new Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule until Oct. 1 in order to provide much-needed time to get more remodelers and other contractors trained.

TheEnvironmental Protection Agency(EPA) decision to delay enforcement of the newLead: Renovation, Repair and Painting(RRP) rule will provide much-needed time to get more remodelers and other contractors trained - and for EPA to get the word out to consumers about the importance of hiring a certified remodeler.  

In revised guidance released on Friday, EPA acknowledged that remodelers in many parts of the country have been unable to obtain the required training to comply with the rule - a problem thatthe National Association of Home Builders(NAHB) has urged the agency to solve since the rule was announced two years ago.  

The issue came to a head in May after floods devastated parts of Tennessee and there weren't enough certified remodelers to complete much-needed home repairs. NAHB and its state home builders association proposed a delay in enforcing the rule - a decision EPA consented to in a letter on Friday.  

While remodelers, electricians, heating and air conditioning technicians and other contractors must adhere to lead-safe work practices, including special equipment filters and a ban on open flames, EPA will not take enforcement action against firms that have been unable to obtain certification until Oct. 1 of this year.  

Individual contractors must apply to enroll in a training class by Sept. 30 and complete the training by Dec. 31, 2010.  

Remodelers can search for an EPA-approved training provider at <> or contact their local home builders association at <> to find Certified Renovator training sessions.  

Homeowners can also find a certified firm at

Source: NAHB