With potential annual potable water savings of 1 trillion gallons in the United States and Canada, a 0.8 gpf high-efficiency residential toilet was recognized as the “Top New and Innovative Water-Efficient Product of 2010” during the International Emerging Technology Symposium, held May 11-12 in Ontario, Calif.

 Manufactured by Niagara Conservation, the toilet is marketed in the United States under the Stealth name and in Canada as Proficiency. Making the selection were engineersJohn Koellerof Koeller and Co. in Yorba Linda, Calif., andBill Gauleyof Veritec Consulting in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Koeller and Gauley selected four other product categories to round out their Top 5:

• No. 2 is an after-market retrofit device to convert single-flush toilets to dual-flush. Total potential annual U.S. and Canadian potable water savings exceed 300 billion gallons. Although more than a dozen manufacturers have these products on the market, only one (MJSI) has been tested that meets the minimum requirements related to flush volume, flush performance and trap seal, Koeller and Gauley said.

• No. 3 is an after-market hot water demand system that utilizes a high-performance pump, an integrated controller and electronic zone valve. Potential annual potable water savings exceed 250 billion gallons.

• No. 4 is a waterless wok, primarily used in Asian restaurants. Potential annual potable water savings is 37 billion gallons.

• No. 5 is high-efficiency commercial dishwashers. Estimated potential annual potable water savings is 21 billion gallons.

IAPMO and the World Plumbing Council co-sponsored the symposium. BNP Media Plumbing Group Publisher and PM EditorBob Miodonskiserved as co-moderator of the event.