Condensate Pumps In Crawl Spaces
Installing a Kitchen Faucet Sprayer

Condensate Pumps In Crawl Spaces

An easy and neat way to install/replace a condensate pump in a crawl space that lies on or in the earth is to dig a hole and place a leveled sheet metal box inside. Then place a piece of 2x4 to go under the pump; this makes it easy to remove the pump from its inlet drain for cleaning or replacing. This saves our installers the trouble of sloping a hole in our Colorado clay. Make sure the box is wide enough to slip the 2x4 out and that the inlet drain goes no more than 1-1/2 inches into the pump.

Spray-on epoxy liner can be found at your local big-box store to apply to the earth sides of the box in stricter-code counties. Be sure to photocopy the can’s label to leave for the inspector; indicate you applied it to the box prior to installation per instructions.

Jeremy Graham
Parkey’s Heating and Plumbing
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Kitchen Faucet Sprayer No. 1

There are many times while installing a side-mounted kitchen faucet sprayer escutcheon that it’s hard to get the plastic nut started under the sink. Even when you get the nut started, it is hard to tighten the nut without the escutcheon sliding around.

To solve this problem, you can use a 3/4-inch, rubber-tipped jet sweat tool. Tighten the rubber tip of the jet sweat tool in the escutcheon, and use the handle to hold the escutcheon tight and centered in the sink hole.

Matthew L. McNally
Lowe Plumbing
Olivebridge, N.Y.

Kitchen Faucet Sprayer No. 2

I found that while installing a soap dispenser or spray hose, especially on a deep undermount sink, it can be difficult to hold the adapter down and tighten the nut by yourself. Take a long screwdriver and slide it through the adapter from the top down. Then go under the sink, put the nut over the shaft of the screwdriver and pull down on the shaft. The handle of the screwdriver will hold the adapter firmly to the countertop, allowing you to tighten the nut without movement.

Michael K. O’Halloran
Jet Stream Plus Plumbing & Heating
Manalapan, N.J.