Dual Solar Tubing

Titeflex Corp.’s FlexSure Division introduces FlexSure Dual Solar Tubing, a new method of connecting solar panels and a hot water storage tank - supply and return lines are combined in one easy-to-separate enclosure. The two flexible, stainless-steel tubes come preinsulated with elastomeric EPDM insulation and a UV-resistant covering.www.flexsure.net

Pre-assembled Pump Station

The Solar Pump Station from Caleffi is designed for commercial-sized projects requiring up to 10 gpm and pumping power up to 30 feet of head. The high head/high flow stations are pre-assembled and leak-tested with dual line flow and return connection, a three-speed pump, adjustable flow meter, air vent, shut-off valves, check valves, safety relief valve and expansion tank connection port.www.caleffi.us

Complete Solar Water Heating

Rheem introduces SolPak, an all-inclusive active solar water heating system: a heat exchanger tank, collector panels, a controller, multispeed pump, thermal expansion tank and other essential items. SolPak is covered by a six-year limited tank warranty, 10-year limited collector warranty and a two-year limited pump and control warranty.www.rheem.com

Efficiency Monitoring

Onset’s TMC6-HE air temperature sensor is ideal for monitoring the efficiency of solar thermal systems or tracking building energy use. The sensor’s copper-plated probe ensures high-accuracy measurements and fast response time. Sensor can be easily attached to water pipes, hot water storage tanks and boilers.www.onsetcomp.com

Solar Heat Transfer Station

The Solex DWHX from Alpha Thermal Systems is a pre-installed and leak-tested unit with a double-wall heat exchanger for transferring heat from the solar collector to the storage tank. With only four piping connections, it reduces the time and space required for installation.www.paw.eu/us