Electric Eel introduces NEW EelCam Economy-Cam COLOR System:Electric Eel's New EC-5 Economy-Cam COLOR Camera Drain Line Inspection System offers a 5" Color LCD monitor; a color camera (also available with a new self-leveling color camera); 100 Ft. of durable push cable and a 512 HZ In-Line transmitter all conveniently housed in a lightweight and highly portable reel. The New EC-5 Mini Color System is designed to inspect 2" – 8" drain lines and weighs only 25 lbs. for easy transport. Jacks are provided on the unit for an external recording device.

Recent models added to the EelCam line: In addition to the popular EelCam Economy-Cam, EelCam Micro-Cam and EelCam 200 Systems, Electric Eel offers these EelCam models:

The EC-8SD Color System:The New EelCam EC-8SD (Secure Digital) Camera Inspection System from Electric Eel offers users a highly portable and rugged system which features a digital recorder that records video of the inspection directly onto a SD (Secure Digital) flash card. The control unit is housed in a compact and rugged carry case which weighs only 10.4 lbs. and includes controls for microphone, lights, camera test port, and secondary video and audio outs. Date, distance and time are displayed on screen, and a keyboard for adding text is included. A 1.3” diameter color camera with 512 Sonde is standard, along with 200 Ft. of premium Gel Rod push cable. The camera can be upgraded to Electric Eel’s self-leveling color camera.

The EC-10LCD System:Inspects 3"- 8" dia. lines. Features a super portable console (23 lbs.) and a 10" dia. LCD monitor, in-line sonde, VCR, microphone, lightweight 30" cable reel w/brake, Centering sleeve for 4" and 6" dia. lines. Standard with 200 ft. of gel-rod push cable. Cable reel holds up to 300 ft. Available with optional NEW smaller 1-3/8" dia. self-leveling color camera.

The EC-15LCD ELITE System:The compact and portable EC-15LCD color system features a DVD recorder, a hard disk drive, color camera (self-leveling available), in-line transmitter, 15" LCD monitor, on screen count w/keyboard, microphone, camera test port, centering sleeves for 4"- 6" lines, standard 20 ft. of gel-rod push cable and 30" cable reel w/brake. System also available with DVD/VCR combo. The DVD and monitor are housed in a heavy duty, fold up briefcase style case for easy transport.

Plus an expanded line of EelCam Pipeline Location Equipment & Accessories:
  • LF2000 Digital Receiver locates 512 Hz sounds in case iron or non-metallic lines
  • Aluminum Roller with wheels skid for large lines
  • Spring Carrier for FV transmitter
  • Buzz Box traces utilities or other underground metallic lines and comes complete with cable and ground rod
  • “Tape-on” Transmitter