The benefits of Rheem tankless water heaters will be featured on three episodes of Lifetime Television’s morning program "The Balancing Act."

The benefits ofRheemtankless water heaters will be featured on three episodes of Lifetime Television’s morning program "The Balancing Act." The show, designed to deliver information on home, family and other important topics to decision-making women-on-the-go, will featureMike Siuda, Rheem's director of tankless marketing and sales, who debunks common tankless water heating myths while addressing three main benefits homeowners can expect from tankless water heaters.

Filmed on location at Lifetime’s Florida studios, the first show featuring Siuda and Rheem tankless products debuted on Jan. 14, 2010. The question-and-answer formatted segment will air again on January 21 and February 11.

"Our appearance on 'The Balancing Act' is a great opportunity for Rheem to showcase the unique benefits of tankless water heating to a very important audience: women homeowners," said Siuda. "Women are important and engaged decision makers with increasingly more purchasing power and influence. It’s important that they have a reliable resource to answer their water heating and home comfort related questions."

Women are increasingly becoming the chief purchasing agent of their households.Business Weekestimates that women make 80 percent of household purchases and, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies, more than 20 percent of home buyers are single women.

During Siuda’s interview with "The Balancing Act" hostBeth Troutman, he will discuss the following key benefits:

  • Virtually Endless Hot Water. Having a properly sized tankless water heater gives the luxury of never running out of hot water again. A tankless water heater can provide hot water to multiple showers, dishwashers and washing machines without missing a beat.
  • Energy Efficiency. According to Energy Star, most Americans have conventional water heaters that are barely more efficient than ones sold 20 years ago. All Rheem residential tankless water heater models are Energy Star certified, ensuring that a tankless water heater is a more efficient option.
  • Saving Money. Rheem tankless water heaters qualify for a Federal tax credit of 30 percent of the installed cost, up to $1,500. Because tankless water heaters are more efficient than standard tank water heaters, homeowners also enjoy lower energy bills.
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