Taco now offers more professional development opportunities for plumbing and heating contractors. The company’s FloPro Factory Training returns in 2010 with a new course and several new locations throughout the country, making it easier for contractors to participate in advanced hydronic systems training.

This factory training is available only to members of Taco’s FloPro Team, its free contractor training and development program. If you aren’t already a member of the FloPro Team, learn more about the program and register at www.floproteam.com.

Taco returns with its most popular courses - the “Compleat” Boiler Room and Hydronic Heat Loss & Design - and adds an important new course, Hydronic Control Strategies. Classes are conducted at five locations nationwide beginning in February. All classes are NATE-recognized and NORA-approved, and offer useful information and hands-on experience.

Tuition for all Taco FloPro Factory Training course is $289 and includes two days of training, hotel accommodations for two nights, ground transport, meals and extras (though airfare to the host city isnotincluded).

The ‘Compleat’ Boiler Room:Taco’s 2-day “Compleat” Boiler Room training shows installers how to put together outstanding boiler rooms. The class will discuss sizing and near-boiler piping for both cast iron and modulating-condensing boilers, the proper sizing and application of circulators and zone valves, zoning strategies and hydronic electronics.

It’s an advanced training program covering the latest in controls and products, with extended hands-on opportunities. This two-day program is designed for and will benefit any experienced hydronics installer or designer.

Hydronic Heat Loss & Design:Any good hydronics system begins with a heat loss. Taco’s program, Hydronic Heat Loss & Design, will show installers how to conduct an accurate, effective residential heat loss analysis using a pencil, paper and calculator. Attendees are then immersed in new technology, Taco’s state-of-the-art FloPro Design Software.

Using laptop computers in the training lab, Taco guides attendees into valuable, hands-on experience with advanced design software. This two-day program will benefit any experienced hydronics designer. Basic computer skills are required.

Hydronic Control Strategies:Recognizing that the boiler may be the brawn behind any hydronic system, it’s the control strategies at work that form the brain. This two-day program covers a wide variety of hydronic controls that includes adding reset controls to existing cast-iron boilers and adding motorized reset valves to modulating-condensing boilers. Attendees will also learn all about the various ways to mix water temperatures for radiant systems, as well as advanced zoning and variable-speed pumping techniques that can simplify any heating application.

Participants will also be introduced to Taco Electronic Solutions’ new iWorx Web-based system controls for high-end residential hydronic and air applications. 

Hydronic Control Strategies is an advanced training program, with extended hands-on opportunities. The program is designed for and will benefit any experienced hydronics contractor/installer. Taco’s “Compleat” Boiler Room, or comparable program, is a recommended prerequisite.

Course Schedule

Factory Training: Taco Inc., Cranston, R.I.

  • Feb. 11-12: The “Compleat” Boiler Room

  • Feb. 25-26: Hydronic Heat Loss and Design

  • March 11-12: The “Compleat” Boiler Room
  • March 25-26: Hydronic Control Strategies

  • April 8-9: The “Compleat” Boiler Room
  • April 22-23: Hydronic Control Strategies
  • June 24-25: The “Compleat” Boiler Room
  • July 8-9: Hydronic Heat Loss and Design
  • Sept 23-24: Hydronic Control Strategies
  • Oct. 21-22: The “Compleat” Boiler Room

“Factory” Training on the Road

1. Minneapolis (location to be announced):

  • April 15-16: The “Compleat” Boiler Room

  • May 13-14: Hydronic Control Strategies
  • May 20-21: Hydronic Heat Loss and Design
  • June 17-18: The “Compleat” Boiler Room

2. Denver (location to be announced):

  • June 10-11: The “Compleat” Boiler Room
  • August 5-6: Hydronic Control Strategies
  • Sept 9-10: Hydronic Heat Loss and Design

3. New Jersey (location to be announced):

  • July 29-30: The “Compleat” Boiler Room
  • August 19-20: Hydronic Control Strategies

4. Philadelphia (location to be announced):

  • Oct. 7-8: The “Compleat” Boiler Room

Registration And Tuition

Tuition only, hotel accommodations not included: $119

Tuition plus one night’s hotel accommodation: $209

Tuition plus two nights’ hotel accommodation: $289

Tuition plus three nights’ hotel accommodation: $379

Hotel arrangements will be made by Taco. For training in Cranston, R.I., the price includes ground transportation between Providence Airport, Taco and the hotel, breakfast and lunch on Thursday and Friday, as well as dinner and entertainment Thursday evening. Airfare is not included. For training in other locations, the price includes similar arrangements. Please call for details.

Contact Rae Aldrich at Taco (401/942-8000) with any special requests, etc. Taco will be paying for your hotel room, tax, etc., but you should be prepared to present a credit card at check-in for any incidentals.