Owner Jim Patterson is not afraid to market his company in a specific way to reach a certain type of client.

Keeping The Phone Ringing

Jim Patterson is not afraid to market his company in a specific way to go after a certain kind of client.

“I prefer a client base that is looking for quality in service and products. One that wants to learn about the advances in technology, and how my systems can make them more comfortable, more efficient and more environmentally responsible,” says the one-man shop owner of Orchard Valley Heating & Cooling in Southampton, Mass.

To help him display his all-round talents of designing, installing and selling his comfort systems, Patterson uses his 2009 Isuzu NPR HD gas model truck with a 14-foot Hackney HVAC service cube. It replaces an older Sprinter van.

This new vehicle not only improves his productivity and lets him carry a wider assortment of parts and tools, it is a statement of what Orchard Valley is all about.

“This is the first truck I have ever had so many compliments on,” Patterson admits.

In terms of wrap design, he really wanted something that shouted “quality” as he drove the rolling billboard around his service area. He also wanted enough information presented that appeals to a broad interest and would keep his word-of-mouth advertising strong and the phone ringing.

Local designers at GO-Graphics turned his vision into reality. They even created jobsite signs that match to finish off the overall look and theme. “I hope it drives more clients to my Web site. That is where they can see what I am all about and decide if my services fit their needs.”

As for the truck’s practicality, Patterson says his new Hackney body is an amazing upgrade to a standard box truck. “There is a slide-out ramp that makes getting in and out a breeze. The lighting system inside is outstanding - it looks like the sun is in there - so finding parts during night calls is much easier. The aluminum shelf system and storage bins are the best organizational system I have ever had.”

Patterson prefers to keep his business “small and manageable.” For him, his hands-on approach to providing customers comfort keeps it all interesting and allows him to continue to learn in the industry.

“The image on the truck really gives a positive impression before I begin and clients know I am serious about my business,” Patterson says. “Clients have more trust and faith in a properly presented company that retains a professional image, so I take as much pride in my service van as my installations.”   

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