A.O. Smith’siCOMM is the newest in commercial heating efficiency.

For the first time, A. O. Smith Water Products Co. is offering an exclusive service for its commercial water heaters and boilers, theiCOMM remote monitoring service. TheiCOMM system’s remote connectivity to theiCOMM Web siteallows the user to manage, monitor and interact proactively with their full fleet of A. O. Smith water heaters and boilers from anywhere in the world via the Internet; and theiCOMM system is BACnet compatible.

The remote monitoring also provides leak detection and fault alerts for any unit in the fleet through email or text messaging. Business owners also have the option to monitor the heaters themselves. 

It is compatible with five A. O. Smith product families, including the Gold Xi commercial electric line, the Cyclone Xi family of heaters, the Custom Xi commercial electric line, the VF series boilers and Genesis boilers. The system may be added to any previously installed, compatible heater or may be applied to a newly installed unit.

“We are now able to help our commercial customers avoid lengthy and costly interruptions to service that can negatively impact their business,” saidDavid Chisolm, brand manager for A. O. Smith. “This service can help a ‘mom and pop’ business with one water heater or a national chain with thousands of locations.”