Gerber recently launched its first children’s coloring book titled “Greg Gerber Adventures” that educates children on the importance of water preservation. Printed on recyclable paper, the environmentally-friendly coloring book is free to the public.

In the announcement, Marketing ManagerRon Mudgesaid Gerber is committed to a better earth, and that it’s an imperative to teach today’s youth about the significance of saving water. “What better way than with a fun, interactive coloring book.”

“Greg Gerber Adventures” is narrated by Greg Gerber, a fictitious character, who discusses numerous ways to reduce water usage and consumption. Throughout the coloring book, Greg provides illustrations of plumbing fixtures to show the different ways water is used on a daily basis. He also offers tips and visualizations on how to conserve water including using a sprinkling can instead of a garden hose and turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth.

The free book is available immediately, and can be downloaded from Gerber’s green website, The coloring book will also be on display at the 2009 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Atlanta May 1-3.

Source: Gerber Plumbing Fixtures LLC