Can't get into Taco's factory training this year? Visit and continue your education online.

Taco FloPro factory training classes have filled up for the rest of 2009, according to the manufacturer. But that doesn’t have to end your training opportunities with Taco. The company offers a number of training videos by John Barba ready and waiting for you online.

Under the “Videos” tab at the top of you’ll find:


  • A five-part tutorial on how to use the FloPro Designer hydronic system design software.

  • Barba's eight-part training course on injection mixing.

  • Barba's presentation of the ins and outs of Variable Speed Pumping, and what it can do for your hydronic systems.

  • The Universal Hydronic Formula demystified.

  • Seven hydronic system product videos.

  • Plus more coming soon.

There is also a growing collection of podcasts, plus all the usual support from Taco, like its FAQ's, technical support staff, and the complete Taco Document Library.

For more information or to access these training offerings for free, visit