Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. received a patent on its Lithium-Ion battery technology for cordless power tools. Lithium-Ion technology represents a new generation of cordless hand-held power tools powered by battery packs capable of producing an average discharge current greater than or equal to approximately 20 amps.

This patent protects the Milwaukee brand’s newly introduced M12 and M18 Lithium-Ion product lines, as well as its V28 and V18 Lithium-Ion product lines. According to Milwaukee, Lithium-Ion power is more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional Ni-Cad batteries.

Additional patents directed to various aspects of its Lithium-Ion technology including a power tool battery pack having battery cells with a combined nominal voltage of approximately 28-volts, prevention of brown-outs, a multi-chemistry battery charger and a multi-voltage Lithium-Ion battery charger, have been granted by The U.S. Patent Office, as well as Patent Offices of other countries. A number of other patent applications are in the pipeline, Milwaukee reports.

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