Lochinvar offers new online tools and videos to plumbing contractors.

Lochinvar Corp. has created a new micro Web site –http://shield.lochinvar.com– that features a host of new tools and resources. Designed to help contractors conveniently access extensive information about the Shield commercial water heater and to fully understand its benefits, the new site is now available to interested plumbing professionals.

Contractors will find informative videos that describe the green benefits of Shield and walks viewers through other unique features. Convenient tools include a payback calculator that allows visitors to quickly and easily determine the yearly fuel cost savings that Shield offers in comparison to types of water heaters being considered for a project, and ultimately analyzes the number of years to payback. 

In addition, the “Where to Buy” function helps contractors find a distributor in their area, and they can also view testimonials from plumbing professionals and facility managers who have shared their experiences with Shield.

Source: Lochinvar Corp.