Where can you discover the latest products, news, tools and resources you need to stay ahead in 2009? The answer is only a mouse-click away.

AtPlumbing & Mechanical’s Web site (www.PMmag.com) we’re striving to be your go-to source for up-to-date industry news and events, showcases of the hottest tools and equipment your customers need, and useful online links to help your business thrive.

And our Internet offerings keep expanding; so let’s look at a few of our latest Web site upgrades ...

Digital Edition

Our biggest announcement is thatPMhas gone digital! Since October 2008, each issue ofPlumbing & Mechanicalis available in an interactive Web-based format, so you canaccess our magazine online. Complete with a hyperlinked table of contents to instantly take you to the sections you need, the digital editions allow your whole team to access the wealth of information found within our pages via their computers.

Another great feature: Throughout the year, participatingPMpartners will allow readers to click on their digital advertisements and be whisked right to their company’s homepage for additional information. We’re positive this latest tool will enhance yourPM-reading experience.


If you’re looking for updated industry commentary, look no further than thePM Pipeline. Several times a week, our staff of editors and guest bloggers will tackle the issues of the day with their unique perspectives and voices. From industry trends and marketing tips, to the frivolous side of plumbing with our “Plumbing At The Movies” segment, the PM Pipeline is a way to stay on top of subjects that happen fast in this current volatile market.

It’s also an easy way foryou, our readers, to speak your own mind. Each blog entry welcomes reader commentary and discussion, so try out this new section and get your say in on the topics that matter to you.

Reader comments are also appreciated at ourColumnists pages, where you can respond to contributing editorsJohn Siegenthaler,Paul Ridilla,Randall Hilton,Jim Olsztynski, and all ofPM’s experts.

Most Popular

Want to know what else the industry is buzzing about? New toPM’s Web site is our “Most Popular” and “Most Emailed” articles listings at the bottom of thehomepage(scroll to the end). The list is automatically generated by reader visitations, so this gives you a pretty good feel for what your peers regard as important. It’s also a quick way for you to get the news and information you need. Check back often, as the list is updated regularly.


Another way to instantly receive important updates is to subscribe to one or several ofPM’sRSS feeds. RSS stands for “really simple syndication,” and it is a program compatible with most Internet navigation browsers to pull in headlines from your selected topics directly to your Favorites tab.

AvailablePMfeeds ― such as New Products, Today’s Top News and our monthly Columns ― are indicated with the orange rectangle icon; just follow the directions online to set up your preferences. For those with little free time to search the Web for news, this is the quickest way to scan the headlines and stay informed.


We’ll be offering an onlinevideo libraryat PMmag.com throughout 2009. From instructional how-to videos from your favorite manufacturers, to tradeshow-floor interviews and product walk-throughs,PM’s videos are an added benefit to bring the action right to you. Many of our feature articles will also include accompanying videos. Watch for notices at the end of the story to indicate where to view the recordings.

Free e-Newsletters

If you haven’t signed up for one of our free e-newsletters, you can do so now at the PM homepage. These twice-monthly newsletters are sent directly to your e-mail inbox, and contain the latest products and innovations, industry news and trend data, as well as hyperlinks to the manufacturers you love.

Choose from our popularRadiant & Hydronics e-News, which includes the “Fix” answer to hydronics editor John Siegenthaler’s The Glitch & The Fix column;The Bath + Kitchen e-News, geared toward kitchen and bath designers, installers and showroom operators; the PVF e-News, which offers breaking news and insights for PVF people; and the PM Engineer e-Newsletter for plumbing, piping, hydronic and fire sprinkler engineers.

More To See

There are plenty of other great features atPM’s site. We encourage you to bookmarkwww.PMmag.comand browse around, where you have free access the following sections: