SFA Saniflo Inc. introduces a new, more stylish round-front toilet bowl for its Saniplus and Sanibest macerating toilet systems. The new fixture couples with macerating technology to create an above-floor plumbing installation for applications in which conventional below-floor drainage is either impossible or cost-prohibitive.

Made of vitreous china and available in white, the new fixture includes an integral P-trap and rear spigot outlet, rather than a bottom outlet found in a standard toilet. When the water closet is flushed, effluent is discharged by gravity through the rear spigot into the Saniflo macerator that sits on the floor or inside a wall behind the fixture. The macerator uses a fast-rotating cutting blade to liquefy human waste and toilet paper in the flush water, discharging it under pressure through a 3/4-inch copper or plastic line.

Carrying a one-year warranty, the wash-down-style toilet features a 3-inch trapway, a 6-inch by 5-inch water spot, and a water-saving flush volume of 1.6 gallons per flush, as mandated by the Energy Policy Act of 1992. Measuring 32-inches high by 17 3/4 inches wide by 26 1/2 inches deep, the new fixture offers a comfortable seating height of approximately 17 inches, depending on the size of the toilet seat (purchased separately). The tank is insulated to prevent condensation.

For more information, visitwww.saniflo.com.