Keep track of your fleet and tools with these latest global positioning systems.



Trimble  GeoManager provides an on-demand, field productivity and management solution that integrates GPS, wireless and your standard Web browser into a mobile solution that helps you manage your mobile workers by allowing real-time, two-way communication. Whether you want to instantly map the vehicles in your fleet, find the nearest vehicle to a job, dispatch text messages to workers, log work hours or view and print detailed reports, GeoManager helps you manage overall mobile workforce performance, reduce costs and maximize customers' satisfaction with your field services. And because it is a Web-based solution, you can better manage your mobile workforce from any location where you have Internet access.

Trimble GeoManager


FleetBoss Series 5500

FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions Inc.  The latest advancement in the evolution of GPS fleet management, FleetBoss Series 5500™ is a three-in-one, best-of-breed solution combining 24/7 real-time vehicle location, detailed activity reporting and  on-board diagnostic data. This FleetBoss solution provides anytime, anywhere data access via any computer with an Internet connection. Product features include: Track and locate your vehicles; lower fuel and operational costs; reduce downtime and labor cots; remote vehicle diagnostics; fleet safety and security; and vehicle activity reports and alerts.



DriveRight® 600E

Davis Instruments  Using advanced micro-processor technology, DriveRight 600E constantly monitors your vehicle’s speed, sending data to an interactive on-board LCD display console. Drivers can see their driving performance in real time: distance, top speed and average speed. Audible alarms with user-settable limits for speed, acceleration and deceleration give instant feedback to drivers. Automatically creates an accident log whenever there is a sudden deceleration. Prevents unauthorized changes to data or thresholds, monitors multiple drivers through ID codes, protects data, and allows monitoring of brake lights, seatbelts, power take off switch, headlights. Enough memory for 600 trips and 10 accident logs.

Davis Instruments


Tool Link

DeWalt  Tool Link is a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) asset tracking system that lets professional contractors tag and track detailed inventory of their tools and equipment stored in the pickup box or van. When the vehicle is running, a pair of RFID antennas, mounted in corrosion- and impact-resistant housings on the inside of the pickup box, scan the box for tagged items on a pre-programmed inventory list. This data is transmitted to a reader mounted inside the cab and displayed on the in-dash computer screen, alerting the driver if any inventoried tools are not loaded on the truck. Tool Link also offers industry-first features, such as a pre-loaded menu with several standard tool lists that are easily edited to reflect specific types of jobs.

Tool Link



DeWalt  MobileLock GPS Locator with Anti-Theft Alarm provides locating abilities even in most indoor environments. The alarm notification contacts up to three people via phone call or e-mail. User customizable features include: built-in sensors, such as vibration, door contact, temperature and more; weatherproof; impact and heat resistant; portable, wireless operation.



GPS Tracking

Networkfleet  Networkfleet™ merges GPS technology with affordable wireless coverage. The result is easily accessible information on a vehicle's location, stops, idling and mileage that can be quickly analyzed to yield benefits in efficiency and cost reductions. The operations side of your business can make your fleet run more smoothly by accessing GPS location information. Get two-minute update rates of current location; driving directions; detailed reporting; and find the closest vehicle to an address or landmark.



Choose From Three Service Plans

Skypatrol   Skypatrol GPS tracking solutions give you real-time tracking of your fleet from anywhere you have Internet access, thus increasing productivity while helping you provide better customer service. Skypatrol reduces operating costs through accurate routing and vehicle location in the event of theft. It also prevents unauthorized after-hours use of your vehicles. Customers choose from three service plans ― Silver, Gold and Platinum ― designed and priced to meet the level or reporting your business needs.



Driver Dispatch, Messaging & Navigation

GPS North America   With SignalTrac™ business owners can route vehicles and communicate with drivers using a user-friendly GPS-based route management system. In conjunction with Garmin, the Driver Dispatch Fleet Management system provides reliable, real-time wireless connectivity combined with voice-aided guidance. Other messaging features include: send messages by driver or fleet; get delivery notifications; request a read receipt; view mail from prior days; and more.



Trackstick Pro

Telespial Systems Inc.   Cut back on gas or improve your company’s delivery time with the Trackstick Pro. Examine response times and driving avenues to help efficiency of trucking routes with satellite-mapped waypoints and Google™ Earth’s 3D model of the planet. Trackstick Pro is conveniently powered by an included cigarette-lighter plug, and can even be hard-wired and mounted to any vehicle, inside or out, with the advantage of screw pads and a weatherproof case. An internal software alarm will time-stamp any power interruptions and can be viewed when the data is downloaded. Trackstick continuously records its exact route, stop times, speed, direction and other valuable information, all of which can be quickly downloaded and viewed on your computer.