The U.S. military is looking to provide better housing for thousands of enlisted personnel across the country, and builders are in need. Billions of dollars have been committed to privatized construction projects ― on and off base ― during the next few years.

According toHome Channel News, the U.S. Air Force currently has 30,372 housing units under construction. The Army has budgeted $37.5 billion for new housing construction between 2008 and 2013. Additional monies have been allocated by the Navy and the Marines.

At the International Builder’s Show last month, Army housing overseerRon Whitereported that private sector builders are also being asked to erect barracks, administration buildings, dining halls and medical facilities on military bases. Remodeling existing military housing is an upcoming phase of construction.

“We have a lot of money to put out in to the market,” White told IBS attendees. “There are opportunities for construction companies that want to bid [on these jobs.] I have yet to go to an installation where they didn’t tell me they’re having trouble finding the work force or the suppliers they need. If you hook up with them, and your pricing is right, you’ll have business heading your way.”

During IBS seminar titled, “Attention! Builder Opportunities in Military Housing,” White said he was concerned over his rising costs per housing unit. “It’s gotten rather high,” he said. The military is now encouraging more competitive bidding. “We want more bidders.”

Most projects are within 60 miles of a base, cutting down on the commute of servicemen and women. To find out where the military is planning to build, visit the Department of Defense’s housing privatization Web site:

For requests for proposals (RFPs), open construction bids, contractor job leads for numerous government projects, including military construction jobs,

Source: Home Channel News