Home builders and consumers interested in certifying their homes to NAHBGreen (theNAHB National Green Building Program) now have an added boost toward finding products to spec for building materials, appliances and fixtures.

Members of the National Council of the Housing Industry (the suppliers of NAHB) now provide information about how their products’ point values contribute to the various categories that make up the rating system used in the National Green Building Certification process.

Choosing these products can help ease the way toward certifying a home to the Bronze, Silver or Gold levels in NAHBGreen, according to NAHB ChairmanSandy Dunn, a home builder in Pt. Pleasant, W.Va. “I congratulate these NCHI members for their support of NAHBGreen as we all work together toward more sustainable home building,” she said.

Builders who want to incorporate these products and features should consult with an NAHB Research Center-accredited verifier, who can confirm how their inclusion will contribute to the point total and who will inspect the results.

Source: NAHB