Six of Rinnai Corp.'s tankless water heater models have earned the U.S. Department of Energy’s and EPA's exclusive EnergyStar® rating for energy efficiency, including flagship models the R94LS and R75LS.

Gas appliance and water heater manufacturerRinnai Corp.announced that six models from its line of tankless water heaters have earned the U.S. Department of Energy’s and Environmental Protection Agency’s exclusiveEnergyStar® rating for energy efficiency. They include Rinnai’s flagship models, the R94LS and R75LS.

According to the company, Rinnai’s EnergyStar-qualified products “highlight the company’s ongoing commitment to the development and adoption of new energy-efficient technologies,” and “provide its customers with choices that are both economically and environmentally responsible.”

In order to earn an EnergyStar label, tankless water heaters must maintain a minimum Energy Factor (EF) of 0.82 and a minimum gallons-per-minute flow of 2.5 at a 77-degree F rise. A whole-home gas tankless water heater that meets these requirements could reduce energy use by 30 percent.

In its announcement, Rinnai also mentioned its help in pioneering the process to get the EnergyStar designation for tankless water heaters. “Until now, water heaters were the only major residential energy end use without an EnergyStar designation,” said Alliance to Save Energy PresidentKateri Callahan. “Rinnai recognized the benefits an EnergyStar designation would bring to residential water heating and played an integral part in the DOE’s April 2008 decision to establish an program for the category.”

Source: Rinnai Corp.