Caleffi offers a broad line of automatic air vents for heating systems and radiators.

Caleffi’s broad line of automatic air vents ranges from simple manual air vents commonly installed at the top of heat emitters to float-type air vents that provide fully automatic air release. Compact designs can be mounted within heat emitter enclosures, and larger “high-capacity” vents mount where high-volume air venting is needed.

An optional service check valve opens as the air vent is threaded into it. When the air vent is removed, the service check valve closes. This allows for easy replacement of the air vent without purging the system, which reduces service time.

In addition, Caleffi vents use EPDM seals, making them resistant to potential oxygen damage. Modern high-efficiency equipment used in today’s hydronic systems requires highly reliable air venting technology to ensure peak operating efficiency and provide years of trouble-free service.

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