HC Info’s new three-day training course, “Performing High Quality Legionella Assessments,” will be held May 19-21, 2009 at the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort in Carlsbad, CA. The course is for engineers, water treatment specialists, and industrial hygienists that want to provide Legionella assessment services for hospitals, hotels, or industrial facilities; and for public environmental health officials that investigate Legionnaires' disease.

The first two days will cover background facts, government and industry guidelines, risk reduction strategies, preventive measures for common sources of Legionella contamination, disinfection of plumbing systems, and water sampling. Steps in conducting Legionella assessments will be given in detail, including optimum scope of work, information to gather from the building operator, systems and devices to inspect, what to look for in each system, documentation, equipment needed, estimating the time required to conduct assessments, and pricing. Matt Freije, author of Legionellae Control in Health Care Facilities: A Guide for Minimizing Risk, will be the primary instructor. Television investigative news stories on Legionnaires' disease and a documentary on its discovery will also be shown.

The third day will be hands-on training. Students will visit a hospital facility and actually see the steps taken in inspecting plumbing systems and cooling towers and collecting water samples.

  • The course is noncommercial - no products or services will be promoted.

  • Class size will be limited to approximately 15 students. 

  • The tuition of $1195 includes a course manual, copy of Freije’s book, certificate, breakfast and lunch on the first two days, and transportation for the hospital site visit.

To register or get more information, visit www.hcinfo.com or call 800-801-8050.