This January, the New England Fuel Institute plans to install a state-of-the-art audio/video conferencing system at its Watertown, Mass., office. This system will enable NEFI to better communicate with its membership and students of the NEFI Technical Training Center with live video streaming among other features.

NEFI aims to help members and students save time and money by eliminating travel expenses to meetings and training classes by offering this “tele-presence” alternative.

“The conferencing system will allow NEFI to better serve its member­ship by making its educational, legislative and regulatory services more acces­sible,” said NEFI CEOShane Sweet. NEFI also plans to archive the live events for those who did not participate in the live broadcast, and link to other video conferencing sites in the Northeast.

According to the organization, the NEFI Technical Training Center anticipates expanding its reach using this new service. “Companies from all over New England will now be able to ‘send’ their employees to NEFI training without them ever leaving the office or paying for travel expenses.”

Visitwww.nefi.comfor updates on the new service in the near future.