The Green Mechanical Council has partnered with the Veterans Green-Jobs Alliance and Bioliberty to develop green education and training programs for military service veterans.

The Green Mechanical Council announced its partnership with theVeterans Green-Jobs AllianceandBioliberty. The partners will be launching the first of three national pilot projects in Louisiana to develop "green" education and training programs for U.S. military service veterans.

“Green jobs” are those in the rapidly emerging fields of renewable energy, green building technologies, sustainable resource management and a variety of other fields emphasizing environmental, economic and social sustainability.

A unique feature has been added to the Louisiana pilot project ― it includes special emphasis on training in disaster preparedness, relief and rebuilding while integrating renewable energy systems, such as biodiesel production.      

Veteran participants receive intensive six- to nine-month training leading to certification in their chosen field. The Veterans Green-Jobs Alliance will provide support services during and after the program including health, career and employment networking.  

Outstanding participants will be invited to serve as team leaders in second-year training programs that are planned in six to 12 additional sites around the country.

In Louisiana, trainees will both work and live at facilities rehabilitated in the Lower Ninth Ward Community Center. This site will provide on-the-job training in green building and historic building restoration. The facilities being constructed and renovated will incorporate a range of renewable energy features including solar water heating systems, photovoltaic systems, local biodiesel production, and geothermal heating and cooling systems.  

The Green Mechanical Council regards this is as “a perfect addition” to the Green Job Corps project launched September 2008 in conjunction with its strategic partner the International Green Energy Council.Ralph Avallonefrom the International Green Energy Council stated, "Our Nation must take advantage of this new green economy, because if we fail, America will have squandered a huge opportunity to both save our environment for future generations as well as an opportunity for creating millions of new jobs in this new ‘green’ world."