Gidders & Sons Plumbing LLC is distributing a water-resistant Volara cross-linked polyethylene foam gasket that replaces putty in all bathroom and kitchen applications. Each gasket application (basket strainer, lavatory and bathtub) has been sized exactly for maximum water seal.

“Testing in the Washington, D.C. metro area has produced very positive responses from many plumbers,” according to the company. “When the drain is tightened, it’s done and looks very clean and neat; you don’t have to clear the excess putty, tighten again, clear again, etc. These gaskets do not have any sticky side and even though they have excellent tensile strength, they are able to be squeezed flat, so as to not create a puddle around the drain.”

Aside from the obvious applications of lavatory, bathtub and kitchen drains, these gaskets are excellent for installing 8-inch center lavatory faucets, often installed on marble, granite, porous stone, ceramics or manufactured substitutes, all products that can be stained with putty.

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