Check out these tools to help locate underground pipes and utilities easily.



NaviTrack II This locator navigates you to the location of underground pipes quickly and easily. It tracks energized lines with ease. NaviTrack II locates SeeSnake in-line transmitters; remote transmitters (sondes); energized metallic lines. Approach the transmitter from any direction for faster, more accurate locates. Maximize the signal and the locate is complete. Verify the locate using the large mapping display. Depth measurement is continuous, and depths greater than 15 feet can be read. With advanced technology that’s easy-to-use, training time is greatly reduced; learn to locate with NaviTrack II in minutes.


Gen-Eye Digital Locator

General Pipe Cleaners

The Gen-Eye Digital Locator Now you know exactly where the problems are. The Gen-Eye Digital Locator features 100 sensitivity levels to let you home in on the transmitter’s signal. The LCD display panel produces a clear digital readout, as well as a graphic display and an audible tone. It’s faster and more precise than analog locators. The Gen-Eye Locator lets you locate almost anything underground with its built-in four-way signal finder; you can find the Gen-Eye camera even when it's deep inside cast-iron pipe. When you turn on the digital locator, it looks for the 512 hz or 874 hz signal transmitted from the Gen-Eye camera. Switch the locator to 60 hz, and you can locate underground power lines before you start digging. Switch again, and you can locate gas lines, fiber optic cables and CATV cables with the optional 65khz transmitter. All with more power and dynamic range than any other locator available.


Electric Eel XT512 Locator

Electric Eel Mfg. Co.

Pipeline Location & Accessories A variety of pipeline location equipment and accessories are available from Electric Eel. The LF2000 Digital Receiver locates 512 Hz sounds in case iron or non-metallic lines. The XT512 Locator is “The World's Most Portable Locator.” Electric Eel locator accessories include aluminum roller with wheels skid for large lines, spring carrier for FV transmitter, Buzz Box that traces utilities or other underground metallic lines and comes complete with cable and ground rod.


Craftmark's Duramark™ Pipe Marker

Craftmark Identification Systems

Pipe Marker Craftmark's Duramark™ Pipe Marker is a practical and economical marking system featuring bold gothic characters printed on bright ASME conforming colors to provide unmistakable identification of pipe contents. Duramark™ Pipe Markers are manufactured with acrylic adhesive. Now available in five stock sizes to mark pipes with outside diameter of 3/4 inch to more than 10 inches. Craftmark sizes, color schemes and letter height all meet ASME (ANSI) A13.1 ― Scheme for the Identification of Piping Systems.


Ratech 8872 cable, pipe and fault locator

Ratech Electronics Ltd.

Ratech Locator The Ratech 8872 cable, pipe and fault locator is specially designed to detect buried inspection camera sondes, power cables, CATV cables, gas lines, water pipes, sewer lines, telephone cables, and fiber optic cables with sheath. Its lightweight and rugged compact design make it an ideal choice for locating your Ratech camera head. The locator is capable of locating the 512 Hz frequency emitted by most sondes in the pipeline inspection industry. Its multiple array of features offers the user the flexibility to accurately locate through most pipelines; including cast-iron pipe. Features include: absolute signal strength indicator, multiple frequencies, depth measurement, volume control, peak or null mode, and gain adjust complement the unit. The receiver is capable of performing line traces in buried pipelines using the optional direct coupling device.


UEMSI Tracker


Easy-To-Use Pipe Location The UEMSI Tracker is an accurate and easy-to-use pipe location system. It gives you the control for all of your locates with enhanced sensitivity and uncomplicated line identification. The Tracker receiver comes available with both Real-Time Continuous Gain Adjustment ™ and Manual Gain Control. This greatly widens the range of the receiver without unnecessary complication. With multi-frequency capabilities, the Tracker in the 512 Hz mode can locate the transmitter inside cast iron, clay, PVC, concrete or transit pipe at depths up to 24 feet. It can also detect live power lines or cable television lines in the 50-60 HZ mode.


APWA Inverted Marking Paint

J.C. Whitlam Mfg. Co.

APWA Inverted Marking Paint A heavy-duty industrial paint with a water-base formula that is fast-drying, durable and non-clogging. Use in marking construction, excavation sites, underground pipes and utilities, landscaping, etc. Will not wash away or damage grass. Available in blue, cloud white, hot orange, purple, red and yellow. Lead free.