PHCC member Kevin Tindall recently spoke to a Congressional committee exploring green technologies’ impact on economic growth.

PHCC member Kevin Tindall with Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY), Chairwoman of the House Committee on Small Business

Plumbing contractors play a major role in the nation’s effort to conserve both water and energy, according toKevin Tindall, who is owner of Tindall & Ranson Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning in Princeton, N.J. He also is chairman ofPHCC’s Green Plumbing and Water Conservation Task Force, and spoke to a Congressional committee July 10. The committee is exploring green technologies’ impact on economic growth.

“Americans waste 900 billion gallons of water a year by flushing old, inefficient toilets,” Tindall told them. He also asked Congress and the federal government to consider the expertise and opinions of PHCC members as new green technologies are evaluated and implemented. 

During his testimony before a House Small Business Committee on “The Role of Green Technologies in Spurring Economic Growth,” Tindall highlighted PHCC’s water conservation efforts, including its 2008 Summer Water Conservation Initiative. In addition, PHCC’s partnerships with organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program and Green Plumbers USA have become an integral part in its overall effort to promote the use of green technologies, which helps stimulate economic growth for America’s small plumbing companies.

“As the (Small Business) Committee reviews options for how the federal government can help further advance the role of green technologies, it is important to consider the efforts and impacts on small businesses in the plumbing industry and how they are helping drive momentum in ways that are already positively impacting the economy,” he said.

Because plumbers are involved in the actual installation and maintenance of water devices and systems, they offer a direct experience perspective and expertise that is very helpful during discussions, he said.

On behalf of PHCC, Tindall added that further testing and analysis be performed to evaluate the compatibility of the existing water and sewer infrastructure. “At this time there are concerns that America’s existing infrastructure cannot handle the water-efficient products being considered,” Tindall said. “Testing and analysis should be performed for both residential and commercial systems before mandates for high- efficiency toilets or other ultra-low water consumption products are adopted. The impact of these low water consumption products on the entire plumbing system must be considered.”

Tindall also urged Congress to provide adequate funding for water-related legislative initiatives like the annual EPA appropriations measures, the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act. Monies should also be dedicated toward research into recycled water technology and toward improvements in water and sewer infrastructure, he said.

In closing Tindall, emphasized the important role the plumbing industry has in the effort to conserve our nation’s most precious resource, water.

For Kevin Tindall's complete testimony,click here. To view a YouTube video of Tindall’s testimony,click here.