Caroma USA is helping Greensburg, Kan., with its quest to be the greenest town in America. The Australian company donated 400 of its dual-flush toilets to Greensburg as it rebuilds after the damage of a catastrophic tornado that swept through town over a year ago on May 4, 2007. With 95 percent of the town destroyed, residents and officials decided to rebuild potentially as the greenest town in the country. The town estimates that it will save at minimum 7.2 million gallons of water on an annual basis (and probably closer to 11.6 million gallons as most of the toilets in the destroyed homes predated 1994) by using the Caroma toilets.

Caroma’s state-of-the-art dual-flush toilets initially will be installed in lodging, demonstration homes and city offices. The organization is devising a distribution plan for residents ready to rebuild their homes. Commercial businesses are also participating in building green.  Among the businesses that will be installing the Caroma product in their rebuilt facilities is the local Shank GM dealership.  GM is looking for it to be the model from which they will share information with other dealers throughout the country.