Construction Contractors Alliance members learned about future trends in workers, customers and business opportunities at the group’s 10-year anniversary meeting Feb. 27-29 in Dallas.

“Volatility is the new normal,” said futurist Jim Carroll.

Because of the rapid pace of technology, he sees increased construction opportunities in several areas, such as healthcare facilities. This may not seem like a new concept considering the aging of America’s population, but technology advancements such as being able to monitor patients at home instead of in the hospital and retail-type “minute clinics” will change the way we think of traditional healthcare facilities.

Carroll also sees the construction workforce falling into unskilled, skilled and highly skilled categories.

“The knowledge to do your job today is more complex than it was 10 years ago,” he said. “Project management will become more complex as skills become more specialized.”

Sean O’Ryan, senior administrative assistant of the United Association, emphasized that with a current worker shortage, workforce development and training must be a priority for everyone.  He shared demographic statistics with the group, and predicted the future construction industry workforce will be more multicultural; women, African Americans, Asians and other demographic groups will increase their role in the industry; and the construction industry will become increasingly dependent on higher levels of immigration.

New Officers, Trustees

Barry Bankler of Gibson Plumbing Co. (San Antonio), was elected chairman for 2008-2009. Three new trustees also were elected for three-year terms:  Matt Erickson of C.J. Erickson Plumbing Co. (Alsip, Ill.); Chip Greene of Greene & Associates (Macon, Ga.); and Scott Kincaid of Kincaid Industries (Thousand Pines, Calif.)

Other CCA trustees are 2007-2008 CCA Chairman Steve Irwin of Farmer & Irwin Corp. (Riviera Beach, Fla.); and Rob Kimbel of Kimbel Mechanical (Springdale, Ark.). Departing trustees are Les DenHerder of HPS Mechanical (Bakersfield, Calif.); and Greg Kozan of Ridgeway Plumbing (Boynton Beach, Fla.).

The next CCA meeting will be held during the PHCC annual convention, Oct. 1-3 in Atlanta.