A sampling of new products from the commercial plumbing market.

Finish Line from Sioux Chief

Adjustable Drains

Finish Line™ is a one-of-a-kind drainage system that allows for adjustment after the pour. Can be adjusted up or down to meet and stay flush with the finish floor. It forever eliminates: drains and cleanouts set too low or too high; tilted drains and cleanouts; duct taping and boxing out; damaged strainers and covers; thread wrapping around the drain or cleanout; and time-consuming fixes like stacking washers or jack hammering out the drain.

Finish Line is a fully assembled rough-in drain with a ductile iron base adapter, coring sleeve, head adapter, and polky curing plug. Optional vandal-resistant screws available, it has a 1,250-lb. strainer load rating (nickel) and 2,400 lb. strainer load rating (ductile iron). Available with square or round rings and strainers. www.siouxchief.com

No-Clog T-Trap from T.F. Marchionda Corp.

No-Clog Safety T-Trap

The No-Clog T-Trap from T.F. Marchionda Corp. is a patented drain trap that prevents clogs and eliminates the need for chemical drain openers. It enables you to easily remove any drain sediment buildup before it can clog, and allows you to retrieve any small objects, such as jewelry, that fall through the drain. The T-Trap’s basket features a plastic strainer screen on one end, a see-through acrylic window on the other, and is held in by a flanged slip nut for easy access.www.noclogttrap.com

The GR2702 Grease Interceptor from Zurn

Grease Interceptor

The GR2702 Grease Interceptor from Zurn Light Commercial Plumbing Products is recommended for removing and retaining grease from wastewater in kitchen and restaurant areas where food is prepared. Constructed of non-corrosive polyethelene, the interceptor handles continuous temperatures to 212 degrees F. Trap is furnished with NPT connections, removable flow diffusing baffles and external vented flow control device.www.zurn.com

Geberit’s Concealed Tank and Carrier System

Concealed Tank

Geberit’s new Concealed Tank and Carrier System gives a bathroom new dimension and flexibility by mounting the toilet on the wall instead of the floor. Geberit conceals the functional components behind the wall while making it possible to position components in any part of the bathroom. Utilizes a steel frame supporting up to 880 lbs.www.chicagofaucets.com

Toilet Stabilizer

The Toilet Jack toilet stabilizer safely increases the weight capacity of a wall-mounted toilet from 300 pounds to 1,000 pounds. The stainless-steel jack mounts under the toilet bowl, provides a pedestal that works with the existing carrier, redistributes the weight, and reduces vibration and strain to the mounting bolts. Managers can raise the pedestal/leg for cleaning, maintaining the hygienic benefits of a wall-mounted toilet.www.toiletjack.com