Quality Service Contractor has debuted new online training courses that will allow members and their employees to improve customer service skills without leaving their office. Members may log into the QSC website with a special password for 24/7 access to Telephone Doctor® Complete Video Training Library.

Taught by Nancy Friedman, these online courses include real-life examples that illustrate the wrong way to handle customer situations, followed by the right way.

Course topics include:

    “Determining Caller Needs”
    “Six Cardinal Rules of Customer Service”
    “How to Handle an Angry Caller"
    “How to Treat Every Caller as a Welcome Guest”
Quizzes and answer sessions are included, and certificates are awarded when members complete each module. 

Each QSC member receives one free license for the program; additional licenses are available to other company employees at a minimal cost. 

According to QSC Executive Director Charlie Wallace, the goals of the program are to train all QSC members and employees to be friendly and professional, treat clients with respect, provide accurate information, serve clients promptly and provide the absolute best customer service.   

“Contractors are very busy these days and interested in reducing travel whenever possible,” Wallace said. “This program is our latest attempt to provide quality education, online, reasonably priced and on members’ schedules.”

For more information, call 800/533-7694 or visit www.qsc-phcc.org.