The third issue of idronics™, Caleffi's semi-annual design journal for hydronic professionals, was released in January and focuses on solar heating technology.

idronics™ is a semi-annual educational journal series from hydronic manufacturer Caleffi to aid professionals as they design systems, and confront component application and selection. This publication is written by engineers and oriented towards innovative design techniques.

Caleffi first began the publications 12 years ago in Europe. Since then, the publication has met with much success, and is frequently referenced by contractors and designers.

The third issue was released in January, and it addresses solar heating.

“The ‘green’ state of mind is rapidly spreading across North America,” Caleffi says. “Soaring fossil fuel costs, environmental issues and national security concerns are all raising interest in alternative energy technologies.”

idronics begins with a primer on solar heating fundamentals, then presents a wide spectrum of design concepts and hardware options for solar water heating and space heating. For the seasoned solar professional, it provides innovative design solutions to consider for future applications.

The second issue, released July 2007, addressed air and dirt in hydronic systems. “Though not a new topic to our industry, the use of modern high-efficiency equipment demands a thorough understanding of the harmful effect of air and dirt, as well as knowledge on how to eliminate them.” Doing so, the company says, helps ensure the systems designed will operate at peak efficiency and provide long, trouble-free service.

Caleffi’s first North American issue (January 2007) addressed the increasingly important topic of hydraulic separation and new methods of implementing this established concept.

For more information, visit the Caleffi website. To view the entire idronics library, click here. To download a PDF copy of issue three, click here.