Bradley will be sponsoring the Focus on Energy 2008 Green Manufacturing Summit on Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2008 at the Schlitz Audobon Nature Center in Bayside WI.

The Green Manufacturing Summit was designed to help local small to medium-sized manufacturers share best practices and learn easy-to-implement strategies to 'green' their facilities. The company has joined with the following organizations to share 'green' expertise:
Affiliated Engineers Inc.
Menomonee Valley Partners
American Society for Quality
Milwaukee Area Technical College
Focus on Energy
WasteCap Wisconsin
Hoffman LLC
Sigma Group
Wisconsin Green Building Alliance
Jansen Construction

The Business Journal will moderate a panel discussion that will include Mike Sipek, Bradley's COO. Others panel members are: Mark Hanson, Director of Sustainability, LEED AP, Hoffman LLC Monique Charlier, Division President, LEED AP, Jansen Group David Scherzer, President, Sigma Group Brent Peterson, P.E., HGA

Each participant will be able to attend 2 break-out sessions:
Topic: Integrated Lighting Systems
Presenter: Steve Heins, Orion Lighting

Topic: New ISO Standard on Social Responsibility
Presenter: Dorothy Bowers, American Society for Quality

Topic: Green Building 101; Facility Operations
Presenters: Constance Lincoln, WGBA & Joe Jacobson, MATC

Topic: Design Strategies for Reduced Energy Usage
Presenter: d’Andre Willis, LEED AP, HGA in Mfg and Corp Facilities

Topic: Steps for Increasing Efficient Use of Energy
Presenter: John Nicol, P.E., Focus on Energy

Topic: Sustainable Facility Training
Presenter: Joe Jacobson, MATC

Topic: Greening of Water Usage in Mfg Facilities
Presenter: Scott Largent, Affiliated Engineers Inc. and Operations

Topic: Save Money & Waste on Const or Demo.
Presenter: Jenna Kunde, WasteCap Wisconsin

Topic: Meno. Valley Environmental Improvements
Presenter: Laura Bray, Menomonee Valley Partners

Topic: Tour of Schlitz Audubon Nature Center
Presenter: Facility Director (LEED-certified facility)

Please see the Registration Page for more details: