Nominations have begun for the 2008/2010 recipient of the Carlson–Holohan Industry Award of Excellence. Sponsored byPlumbing & Mechanicalparent, BNP Media, this award recognizes an outstanding industry volunteer who contributes to the education of others, raises funds for industry events, and provides mentorship to the youth who have made career choices to be in the hydronics and steam business.

These characteristics are a reflection of Gil Carlson and Dan Holohan.

The recipient becomes the custodian of Carlson’s original Bell & Gossett’s System Syzer for a two-year period. While in his or her possession, the winner - through industry activities - must share the story of Carlson’s invention becoming one of business’ highest recognitions starting with the humanitarian efforts of Holohan. Each new holder also must make some investment to protect the originality and physical condition of the tool so that its life journey and message is preserved for all generations to see.

The 2006/2008 recipient, Dave Yates, served diligently with his teaching, mentoring, writing and volunteer activities.

If you know of an individual deserving of such recognition, submit your nomination to BNP Media will announce the upcoming ceremony date and location early in 2008.