The Leak Defense System from Sentinel Hydrosolutions is a water flow monitor and alarm system for detecting leaking water pipes or fixtures in residential and commercial buildings. The sensor probes have no moving parts and tests have verified the device can detect water flow as little as 8 ounces per hour and as high as several gallons per minute.  If water flows continuously for a preset time without stopping, it triggers an alarm, which can be set to alert the owner. An unabated alarm condition will result in the halting of water flow within the structure.

Also integrated into the system are helpful user guides and other features designed to aid a homeowner or a plumbing professional in detecting a leak. The touch-screen control panel is intuitive, easy to use and attractive. Its display provides real-time system and flow status. The panel has been designed to indicate any alarm condition, regardless of whether it is a very large or a very small leak.