Harvel® Plastics Inc. launched its EnviroKingUV™, a clear PVC piping that is suitable for exposure to sunlight. Unique UV blocking technology reduces harmful ultraviolet light wavelengths from penetrating the plastic while allowing beneficial wavelengths through. EnviroKingUV offers a cost-effective solution for photobioreactor use and other outdoor applications exposed to sunlight where transparency is required.

Harvel EnviroKingUV piping is produced from a unique, rigid, transparent PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) compound per ASTM D1784. This material has been specifically formulated to block damaging UV light. Harvel EnviroKingUV pipe is produced to IPS dimensions from this material.

Specialty ThinWall™ dimensions have been optimized in a variety of diameters that improve light transmission while maintaining product rigidity. The pipe is also available in Schedule 40 dimensions. Harvel EnviroKingUV is patent pending.

For more information, visit EnviroKingUV.com.