Attendees of Hansgrohe’s popular Aquademie training seminars will now enjoy the newly renovated Showerworld space, located inside the Aquademie training facility at the company’s North American headquarters in Alpharetta, Ga., just north of Atlanta.

Completed last spring, the remodeled Showerworld offers 20 different working systems. The full range of Hansgrohe showering products are featured: showerheads, hand showers, bodysprays and showerpanels.

Enjoying Showerworld is one of the signature facets of the Hansgrohe training experience. During the final hour or so of each Aquademie workshop, students are invited to don bathing suits for an up-close and personal feel of what it’s like to take a luxurious shower, Hansgrohe-style.

The updated Showerworld space also underlines the increasing importance of the Aquademie to Hansgrohe and its everwidening customer base. As recently as 2004, the curriculum consisted of two, one-day seminars: General Product Knowledge and Technical Training. Today, the Aquademie offers six seminars, most of them two-day affairs, including separate classes on installation and design.

Among the newer seminars is a special Technical Product Training class solely for women and led by Training Specialist Keren Rogers.

“We have created a ‘safe’ environment for women to discuss tech topics,” says Hansgrohe Training and Development Manager Jim Stockstill, explaining that women were badly outnumbered in mixed-gender classes in the past, which tended to discourage participation. “Female attendees shied away from asking technical questions in front of their male counterparts, so they said nothing. This new class avoids that problem because Keren has geared the content to the attendees’ true needs in their everyday jobs.”