PHCC address the needs of its members with a three-tier "Federation" partnership of national, state and local chapters.

PHCC members spend a "Day on Capitol Hill."

The "Power" Of PHCC

It’s all about wanting to be successful. That’s why the typical member joins PHCC. But they all have different definitions of success. Here are some examples:
  • Some want to learn how to operate a one-man shop more profitably.
  • Others want to grow their business to the next level.
  • And others may want to learn how to diversify their business to serve a totally different market.

Mix these different business goals with unique geographical situations, and it is a clear challenge to meet the needs of every member. So how does PHCC attempt to help members become as successful as they can be?

PHCC addresses these challenges by giving members access to a three-tier “Federation” partnership of national, state and local chapters, the real “Power” of PHCC. Working together, each level provides a variety of services designed to help member contractors enhance the productivity and profitability of their businesses, and elevate the level of professionalism throughout the industry. All tiers support each other to provide a unique blend of services.

The true value of PHCC membership exists through members’ ability to plug in to what is offered by the local, state and national chapters. This includes access to code representation, protection from unfair utility competition, workforce development and legislative/regulatory representation protecting members’ interests. Here are some examples.

Nationwide Influence

PHCC delivers a well-known national presence through its lobbying efforts and representation of the industry. Member surveys show that contractors want someone to “go to bat” for them on issues important to their businesses, and PHCC does just that. As the only trade organization that actively represents only plumbing, heating and cooling contractors, PHCC truly is the “watchdog” of the industry.


The association’s influence has helped ensure that contractors’ interests are considered in all sorts of legislation currently under consideration. This includes such hot issues as immigration reform, water conservation and lead in construction. Health plans, estate taxes and tort reform also continue to be on the top of the agenda.

Many legislative efforts are under way at PHCC state chapters, especially in the areas of unfair utility competition, licensing and code issues. Working cooperatively, progress is made on model legislation, testimony and beneficial meetings with decision makers. When the national and state lobbying experts work in tandem, PHCC really represents the association and industry in full force.

High Standards Of Professionalism

The organization’s industry leadership extends to the important areas of code development and licensing. PHCC has a seat on nearly all code-making bodies, making sure the contractor’s voice is heard and that the highest standards are included. The association also continues to support licensing and continuing education requirements.  In fact, to support states working to secure these initiatives, there now is a national clearinghouse for licensing and continuing education information available.

Top-Notch Education & Training

Education and training remain a top PHCC priority. The most prominent example is the newly revamped PHCC apprenticeship training program. It has been restructured and updated by the industry’s top subject-matter experts to provide training for plumbing and HVAC technicians, as well as the instructors who teach them.


In the newest training development, PHCC and IAPMO have developed a new backflow manual that has a modern look and updated content. This will be a valuable training tool across the country.

Also, working with chapters and affiliated groups, PHCC provides business education in a growing number of topics and formats. From financial and project management to maintenance agreements and using a contract as a tool for success, expert advice is available through printed materials, online courses, and classroom instruction. The PHCC Educational Foundation and Quality Service Contractors have stepped in to provide speakers and content for many of the educational sessions, giving contractors access to a well-respected team of training experts.

In addition, state and local chapters provide educational opportunities that are specially tailored to their members. For instance, many local meetings feature industry partners and wholesaler guests who address a variety of contractors’ concerns. This can be especially effective because the contractors and speakers can delve into many issues that are specific to their area. At the state level, many chapters offer continuing education to help contractors meet their training requirements. It also helps raise contractors’ levels of skills and knowledge in important areas.

Positive Public Awareness

A positive public image of the p-h-c contractor is a high priority for PHCC. All chapters of the association are active in stressing the professional aspects of the p-h-c trade. The well-known symbol of professionalism, the PHCC logo, is available to all members of PHCC. Also, several chapters have materials available for consumers that tout the expert skills and manner in which PHCC members conduct business. Many also offer ways for consumers to find a professional contractor, whether it is through Web listings or printed directories. The chapters, as well as the members, also are quick to respond to any public negative comments that are made about p-h-c contractors or the industry.


The PHCC National Auxiliary is a big help in this area by serving as a marketing arm and facilitator for promoting awareness of the PHCC logo. The Auxiliary has developed several promotional materials that promote the professionalism of the PHCC contractor and the industry. These include “Constructing Your Future” career booklets, a PHCC coloring book for children and a PHCC puzzle book. Many Auxiliary efforts of this type also occur at the local and state level.

PHCC's three service groups, Quality Service Contractors, Construction Contractor's Alliance, and Union-Affiliated Contractors, provide a high level of specialized service to PHCC members in these niche areas.

A Higher Level Of Service

PHCC’s enhanced service groups help the association “raise the bar” of professionalism. These three groups - Construction Contractors’ Alliance, Quality Service Contractors and Union-Affiliated Contractors - provide a high level of specialized services in these three niche areas. PHCC members can join these groups for an additional membership fee, getting access to meetings, networking and education designed specifically for their types of businesses.

With PHCC as a sponsoring partner, the ISH North America trade show gives members and the industry the opportunity to talk one-on-one with their industry manufacturers and suppliers, and also have access to many top-notch educational seminars.

Variety Of Conventions, Trade Shows

Every year, PHCC members have the opportunity to attend local, state and PHCC conventions and trade shows at different locations in the country. Seminars, networking, business meetings, roundtables and social events typically are offered. At a national level, in the even-numbered years, the ISH North America trade show is offered. With PHCC as a sponsoring partner, ISH gives members and the industry the opportunity to talk one-on-one with their industry manufacturers and suppliers, and also have access to many top-notch educational seminars.

PHCC gives members access to a three-tier "Federation" partnership of national, state and local chapters.

A Cohesive, Powerful Force

The Federation’s cohesive offering of ways to improve contractors’ business is one of the things that make PHCC so strong. With local, state and national chapters combining efforts, PHCC is a powerful voice for the industry, an advocate for the PHCC contractor and a multi- faceted resource for members.

Industry Partnerships Keep Trade Strong

PHCC and its affiliates have formed strategic relationships with a wide variety of organizations, manufacturers, wholesalers and service companies to provide members with access to a broad range of programs, professional products and services for members’ businesses. These partnerships, which have many different forms, have the common goal of keeping the trade strong. Here are some examples.

Partners For Professionalism: As Partners For Professionalism, participating companies support PHCC’s commitment to delivering programs and services that increase member contractors’ business skills and profitability. They also serve as an integral component in the association’s efforts to brand the PHCC logo as the “Mark of Professionalism” by placing it on professional-grade products that are distributed through the traditional supply chain and installed by professional contractors.

Associate Members:  These well known companies and service providers understand, serve and support the p-h-c industry.

Major Donors and Sponsors: These industry organizations have stepped forward to provide support for various PHCC and affiliate programs that benefit contractors and their employees. These companies make the excellent offerings available from PHCC and its affiliates possible. 

Preferred Service Providers: PHCC’s preferred service providers offer exclusive member discounts and help members save up to 50 percent on some of their biggest business expenses, including fleet services and fuel, uniforms, Web sites, employment services, credit card processing, business forms, business insurance, and more.

Related Organizations: PHCC also has formed partnerships with other industry associations and groups to develop programs that benefit the industry. These collaborative efforts have produced a top-notch annual instructor conference, an updated apprentice program and revised backflow manual. Also, PHCC’s partnership with the American Supply Association to produce an annual convention provides a networking environment that enhances the supply chain.

The industry is changing. PHCC’s partnerships are crucial to make the evolution successful and keep the trade strong. For a list of the important supporters of the industry, as well as ways to get involved, visit