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Right At Hand

While upside-down working on a sink, many aggravating moments looking for a wrench and other tools can be eliminated. Simply tie heavy-duty rubber bands on the tools and string the rubber bands through a bungee cord. Then, hook the bungee on the hot- and cold-water valves. Everything is at hand and stretches to where it needs to be.

Bill Dunn
Clearwater, Fla.

The Hang(er) Of It

The most useful Tool Tip I have ever found is the wire hanger:

  • By cutting the hanger and bending the tip to the shape of an “L” you can use it to pull out the springs and seats of a Delta faucet and reinstall them. Turn the hook over and use the straight end to guide back into the seats.

  • A wire hanger can also be used to hold matches in order to light a pilot that you are not able to reach.

  • Bend it to a “J” hook and you can retrieve lost trip lever buckets from a tub drain.

  • It can be used (temporarily) to hold a pipe in place.

  • Keep the hanger pretty long and make a “J” hook so it can be put down the shower or sink drain to retrieve clods of hair before using your electric snake. It will save time and effort cleaning your snake afterward.

Joey Kaplan
Camp Shira Plumbing
Monticello, N.Y.

Easier To Open

When opening a new can of glue for ABS or PVC pipe, I always put waterproof grease on the threads of the can and also on the threads of the cover. That way it will always open a lot easier.

Les Pearson
Pearson's Plumbing
Blue Earth, Minn.

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  • 6-in-1 Multi-Purpose Screwdriver with two Phillips heads, two flat heads and two nut drivers.

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