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First Place

Bucket Brigade
I took a three-gallon plastic bucket and cut a 3/4-inch hole in the bottom. Then, I slid a 3-ft. hole saw extension bit through the hole with a lock washer on top and bottom. After that, I put a large bending spring up the extension bit and locked it in place with some of the spring extended. That way the bucket can slide up and down the bit a little.

I also cut a 1 1/2-inch hole in the bottom and locked a vacuum hose to it. Now, any hole saw can be put in the bit; a vacuum cleaner attached to the hose will suck up all the dust. Armoflex, duct-taped around the top edge of the bucket, protects the finishing ceilings. Hook up the drill, and drill and clean. Move to the next hole with no mess.
Michael Flanagan
Trethewey Bros.
Roslindale, Mass.

On Firm Ground
To attach beam clamps to bar joists, weld a socket in the end of a 21-ft. length of steel pipe. Make up beam clamps with all thread already attached. The socket will hold the beam clamp assembly and allow attachment without using a lift.
Tommy Wood
Woodbridge Plumbing Inc.
Woodbridge, Va.

When soldering and doing a cut-in with water in the lines, I use a 3/8-inch O.D. PEX lav tube (placing the knob against the pipe) to blow the water out of the lines for a quick tie-in since the PEX is flexible enough to fit into confined spaces.
Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson Plumbing & Heating
Willow Grove, Pa.

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