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New Chicks?

While perusing the front cover of this month's Supply House Times, I was reviewing what appeared to be a very interesting program. Then I saw the name of one of the sessions - “Old Dogs & New Chicks: Women in the Plumbing Industry.” I am really surprised that your organization would think this is an appropriate name and one that would encourage women to attend the session. I certainly don't want to be referred to as a “chick” - why do you think it's taken this long to be accepted in so many industries?
Pam Maxwell
Interline Brands Inc.
Jacksonville, Fla.

Ellen Rohr responds: You have me to blame for the name of the panel discussion. I thought this was a clever way to get attention for the event. I am sure that there are fellows out there who don't like being called an “Old Dog,” too. And, I understand that you are offended by being referred to as a “Chick.” It really comes down to me trying to be clever and humorous. I hope you will come to the conference anyway.

We are in need of affirmative action in this stodgy world of plumbing. Where are all the women? How can we let them know that there are GREAT careers available here? We need to break out of the stereotypes! That is what inspired me to come up with the name of the Women in Plumbing panel. Maybe the idea backfired.

I hope you will forgive me. I meant no offense. And I would LOVE you to share your thoughts at the event. Here's how to sign up: visit the Web site

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