ACE DuraFlo Pipe Restoration Inc. installed ePIPE in a Habitat for Humanity of Orange County home under construction in Huntington Beach, Calif. ACE DuraFlo restores residential and commercial copper water piping experiencing pinhole leaks by providing a preventative liner, ePIPE, within existing pipes.

However, Habitat for Humanity wanted the copper pipes within the home to be lined with ACE DuraFlo's epoxy coating during initial construction to reduce the potential for pinhole leaks in the future, according to Loretta Drummond, assistant site superintendent for Habitat for Humanity of Orange County.

ACE records indicate that the average age of homes in Orange County experiencing these pinhole leaks is 12 years. The company cites changes in water chemistry mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency's Safe Water Act, along with other factors, are adversely causing premature failure in copper pipes.