Wall-Mounted Surgery Here's a simple way to prevent a broken nipple in the wall when replacing a wall-mounted faucet. Many times when you are replacing a wall-mounted faucet, the old galvanized nipples coming off the wall have just a few threads showing. Trying to put a wrench on the threads may just break the nipple. And even if you use a nipple extractor, it may split open the nipple causing it to break, leaving you no choice but to open the wall.

Here's what I do: Hand-tighten a 3/4- or 1/2-inch galvanized reducer on the end of the nipple coming off the wall. Then, insert the nipple extractor. This allows the nipple to remain one and not split open. Then the nipple will come out fairly easy without causing a catastrophe.

Edward P. Klein
L.K. Plumbing & Heating Inc.
Valley Village, Calif.

Color Picture

I've never understood why the fitting brush companies haven't done this. I spray paint the different brush sizes different colors so they're quickly identified in dark cellars and crawl spaces.

Bill Walsh
Bill The Plumber
Boothbay, Maine

Color Picture, II

I've found that using a red (for hot) or blue (for cold) Sharpie marking pen on the metal ends of washing machine hoses make a new installation or reconnect a piece of cake, especially when those slippery hoses get away from you.

It's also great for tagging new water lines on rough-in.

Stanley J. O'Bara
Stanley J. O'Bara Plumbing Contractor
Fairfield, Conn.

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