The National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies is continuing its work on developing national contractor exams. The goals of such exams would be to enable countrywide license reciprocity; facilitate contractor mobility; reduce redundant examination requirements; and raise industry standards.

“With the four hurricanes that roared through Florida [in 2004], hurricanes Katrina and Rita [in 2005], and the more than 100 other natural disasters declared throughout the U.S., shortages of licensed contractors due to limitations on reciprocity caused concern among relief agencies and regulatory bodies,” the organization stated.

The national exams would allow contractors to avoid sitting for multiple licensing exams when a company wishes to work in another state.

They will be optional alternatives to existing state exams in participating states.

Only critical skills/practice standards will be covered in the exams; laws and business practices will remain governed and/or tested by the individual states.

The first of the exams, a general commercial building contractor exam, is expected to be completed this year. The development of other specialty exams will follow; there is no timetable as yet.