Encore Spa at The Wynn Hotel uses WarmlyYours radiant heat to wow, relax its customers.

The Encore Spa at Las Vegas’ Wynn Hotel is an upscale, full-service spa that now offers a clever application of WarmlyYours Low Voltage Radiant heating mat. Its luxurious Heated Spa Chairs are becoming a hit with Encore guests as they offer radiant warmth for a relaxing experience.

The chairs are produced byBradford Products, a prominent manufacturer of custom-designed stainless-steel aquatic products. It uses the WarmlyYours heating mats to add radiant heat to lounging chairs and benches.

According toPeter Miller, national sales manager Bradford Products, the designer for the Encore Heated Loungers chose a variation of Bradford Products' standard “Grace” Lounger. WarmlyYours Low Voltage Radiant heating mats are applied beneath the stainless-steel shell of the chair providing the ultimate in relaxation before and after a spa experience.

To view the heated chairs in their natural setting,click here.

Source: WarmlyYours