Service Nation Inc. is a new contractor business organization scheduled for launch in July. It will deliver a variety of marketing, administrative and other business tools over the Internet at a cost affordable to the small companies that dominate the PHC industry.

Spearheading the effort as chairman is Lee Rosenberg, a former HVAC contractor and ACCA national president who sold his company to BlueDot, where he continued to operate the company for a few years before retiring and forming the Lee Rosenberg HVAC Consulting Group. He has been joined by a large group of investors and managers from both inside and outside the PHC industry.

Service Nation will target HVAC firms at the onset, with plumbing service companies recruited in about a year and other service trades beyond that. It is conceived as a multitiered organization that will evolve different levels of membership. The first will be known as the Service Roundtable.

According to Rosenberg, membership in the Service Roundtable will be priced at "the monthly cost of a dinner out for two." Subscribers will receive weekly delivery of approximately two dozen different business tools and programs over the Internet, ranging from technical training materials to advertising templates to press releases and more. Members may incorporate as many or as few of these items into their business as they wish. Consulting and coaching services also will be offered to help Service Roundtable members with implementation.

"There are a lot of organizations in the industry providing good content to HVAC and plumbing contractors, but many small contractors can't afford to belong to some of these groups," said Rosenberg. "We expect the Service Roundtable to appeal to thousands of these smaller contractors."

Rosenberg also noted that members who do belong to larger and more expensive PHC business organizations often fail to get their money's worth because they do not have the wherewithal to implement ambitious program content, no matter how good it might be. Service Nation programs are designed to be presented in "bite-size chunks" that a small contractor can absorb piece by piece.

Contractors in the Service Roundtable subscriber base eventually will be invited to participate in different levels of membership entailing more sophisticated business services. The different groups will all fall under the identity of Service Nation.

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